Always making the perfect choice is a nigh impossible task. No matter how many houses a Realtor has sold in Toronto and around the GTA, and Sue has sold many in her +35 years on the job, there will still be times when the right course of action isn’t quite clear. That’s why, instead of always trying to think what to do, Sue always keeps in mind what NOT to do. By clearing away all of the bad options you’re left with the best courses of action, a strategy that works in real estate for both Realtors and clients alike. 

An informed client is the best client, and again, since even an experienced Toronto Realtor like Sue doesn’t have all the answers, she would rather tell her clients exactly what NOT to do when selling their house. Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to sell your home and be an overall great client, even if you don’t end up working with us!

Do NOT Talk To You’re Neighbours About Moving/Selling

As great of a relationship you may have with your neighbours, we strongly advise keeping them in the dark about how the selling process of your home. Now, that isn’t to say you can’t tell them you plan to sell and move, but just don’t go into detail. At times, buyers or agents interested in a property may ask nearby residents about the house itself or the sellers, which can lead to sensitive information being divulged. 

Do NOT Speak Directly With Agents, Clients, Or Buyers

If anyone has any questions about anything regarding your home, always direct them to your real estate agent. As a seller, you may not be aware of just what information is important, which can lead to some serious complications. For example, one time Sue had a client who openly told a buyer that there was an elementary school nearby. What the client failed to mention was that the school only started with Grade 2, something the buyer, who had a child going into kindergarten, only learned after the offer was made. Needless to say, things got complicated. So not matter how trivial the question may seem, let your agent handle it. 

Do NOT Open Your Door To Anyone Without An Appointment

During the selling process you may have many people come in and out of your house to take a look around, but always, ALWAYS make sure they’ve registered an appointment with your Realtor. We want you, your family, and your valuables to remain safe, and that’s why we obtain the contact information and do background checks on anyone who wants to see a property. And don’t simply ask “do you have an appointment” if someone shows up unannounced, follow up directly with your agent. It is especially important to tell your children the same. 

Do NOT Keep Your Kids In The Dark

Speaking of kids, the $ell With $ue team thinks it is imperative to include children in the selling process from day one. The stresses a child will go through moving are far different (and arguably more intense) than an adult’s, so it’s very important you fully explain the situation to them from the outset and give them time to cope. Sue, as a mother of four, knows how crucial this is first-hand, and often creates ways to actually involve the children of clients in the selling process. 

Do NOT Keep Information From Your Agent 

Trust your agent. As simple as it sounds, some clients don’t do this and it ends in disaster. It is an agent’s job to sell your home, and since dealing in real estate is their career, you can rest assured they have more knowledge and experience then you do. We’re not trying to sound smug, but the best clients we have are the ones that trust us wholeheartedly, and their trust typically leads to an expedient selling process where the client receives top dollar.  

Do NOT Take Advice From Family And Friends

All too often have we had clients who were on board with a plan of action one day, only to pull a complete 180 the next. What happened? Most of the time, the client spoke to a family member or friend who told them their agent was wrong. Now, Realtors aren’t perfect (even us) and can make mistakes, but selling homes is part of the job description. Sure, your friend or family member may have sold their home a year ago and thinks they know everything about the process but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Second opinions are great, just make sure to always keep in mind that your agent is a professional and only wants what’s in your best interest. 

Do NOT Assume You Can Do It All Alone

Selling a home and moving is not a one person job. Fortunately, with the $el With $ue Team, you’re far from alone. We have real estate professionals, mortgage specialists, lawyers, stagers, and movers on board to help you all throughout the selling process, so accept the help! Clients who take on far too much responsibility and try to sell their homes all on their own are doomed to fail. It’s simply too much to do, so work with us and we’ll take all the stress off of you!