Toronto and the GTA are rife with beautiful homes and properties, so it’s important you stand above the rest with a real estate professional who makes your home looks it’s best when you’re selling. Every home and client may be different, of course, but that isn’t to say there aren’t some specific strategies that will lead to selling-success. As a team of individuals with varying talents and areas of expertise, the $ell With $ue Team always comes together to create a selling strategy for every single client, ensuring your Toronto home is sold for top dollar. 

Interested to see the ways in which Sue and her Team will have you receiving multiple offers on your home? Wonder no more and take a look at the $ell With $ue Team’s selling techniques for success below, a roundup of strategies that are both simple and effective. 

Cleaning & De-Cluttering

In all honesty, the notion of cleaning and de-cluttering a house to get it ready to sell seems pretty obvious. Still, you would be shocked at how often clients don’t even think to do this, keeping their home in a state of disorder they’re comfortable with. The thing is, what’s “clean and orderly” to residents of a house may not be on par with buyers checking out the house. Admit it, you’re always a bit more forgiving when it comes to your own messes than others. Making matters worse is the personal attachment people have with certain items in their house, creating even more clutter. 

Since we know how hard it can actually be to truly get a home tidy, the $ell With $ue Team employs individuals devoted to the task of cleaning and de-cluttering. Once we get into a home, all the mess and clutter is whisked away. Don’t worry, we never throw anything out that may be of sentimental value, as we frequently utilize storage units to temporarily hold a client’s items during the selling process. 

Home Staging

Pretty much every real estate agent under the sign boasts “home staging” as one of their offered services. If not, they usually have a professional home staging service on-call. The thing is, most Realtors say they can stage a home but don’t actually have all of the required items to to do the job. And if a staging service is called, you can expect to pay quite a large fee. 

So what does one need to properly stage a home? First off, a wealth of items are needed to be placed around the house, such as paintings, photographs, flowers, and more. You’d be surprised at how much more appealing a room can become once the bare walls are adorned with a beautiful picture. Second, and arguably most important, one needs home staging experience, because only through trial and error can a person learn how to truly bring about a home’s unique character. 

After more than 35 years staging homes, Sue and her Team have both in spades. Equipped with everything one would ever need to beautify a space along with tons of experience, the $ell With $ue Team is just as much a home staging service as it is a group of real estate professionals. Not only that, we even have a professional home stager on the team, too! 

The Importance Of Great Photographs

No matter how many prospective buyers may come view your house in person, there will be far more who will take a virtual tour online. That’s why we cannot stress enough just how important high-quality images of your home are to the selling process. Well after we de-clutter and stage the home, so everything looks pristine and perfect, the $ell With $ue Team’s professional photographer will be called in to snap photographs. Not only will these amazing photographs be uploaded onto real estate databases like MLS, providing a virtual tour to a worldwide audience, but the images will also go a long way in promoting your home during the digital marketing phase of the selling process.   

Social Media And A Strong Online Presence

With a selection of amazing photographs already in-hand, the $ell With $ue Team likes to go beyond standard real estate databases. While they are important, since many Realtors use sites like MLS frequently, regular citizens (who may be interested in buying a property but just haven’t contacted an agent) can’t access them. That’s why we like to use every social media channel available to get your house seen by as many people possible. Using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and our own real estate blog, the $ell With $ue Team uses social media to create some online buzz surrounding your house. You never know where a lead may originate, as even a single tweet could attract a buyer. 

Promoting The House, Not The Realtor 

All too often do we see For Sale signs or digital profiles where the real estate agent’s face is plastered everywhere, with the property itself playing second fiddle. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? That’s what Sue thinks, which is why the $ell With $ue Team lives by the mantra “promote the house, not the realtor.” Because while other agents may see a property as another way to promote themselves, all we want to do is promote the home so it can sell for the client. After all, no home buyer is interested in us, it’s the house that should be placed at centre stage!

Want to see these strategies in action? Contact the $ell With $ue Team today!