Whether you’re selling a home in downtown Toronto, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, or anywhere in the wide expanse that is the GTA, there is one crucial element that will make the process a major success or giant failure: the right real estate agent. Even the most well-prepared and knowledgable of sellers can’t do much without a Realtor (selling properties is a Realtor’s job, after all), but that isn’t to say every real estate agent will go the extra mile to sell a home for top dollar. 

Sue Mass and the $ell With $ue Team will, no matter who the client is or where the property is located in the GTA. Don’t believe us? We don’t make such big claims for nothing, just ask our numerous past clients who continue to refer friends and family to the $ell With $ue Team for all of their real estate needs. Still not convinced? No problem, because a critical seller is a smart seller, so let us show you exactly what the $ell With $ue Team does to get every property sold for the very best price possible. 

The Home Consultation

First, foremost, and arguably most important in the home selling process is the home consultation and assessment. This is where Sue will come in with her Team and pinpoint the strengths and most desirable features of a home, along with the property’s areas of improvement. To put this into perspective, think of a house like a car. When you buy a car, you want to make sure the car’s exterior looks good while every single mechanical part is in working order. Using the same mindset, Sue will analyze a property and create a detailed strategy to ensure the house is in perfect shape well before it goes on the market. An estimated price for the house, the best time to go on the market, and your unique needs (e.g. Do you have kids that should be involved? Are you in danger of a double-move?) are also discussed.  

Signing The Listing Agreement

After a general outline of the selling process has been provided and you’re all set to work with the $ell With $ue Team, we get into the nitty-gritty details. One of the most important points discussed when signing the listing agreement is the price of the property. We always delve into the unique pricing strategy we’ve drawn up with clients, explaining our method. One point many sellers needs to be aware of is how social media and the internet has altered our approach to pricing a property, as you can’t rely on past sales anymore, with price-points on online real estate systems (like MLS) becoming more relevant and important. A calendar of events and when the house will be officially put on the market is also discussed and finalized at this stage. 

Putting Up The “Coming Soon” Sale Sign

Think of the “Coming Soon” sign as an announcement to the world that your house is going to be available to any interested buyers, just not quite yet. A great way of creating some buzz around the property, the “Coming Soon” sign is but the first step in the $ell With $ue Team’s marketing strategy. 

Getting The House Ready

Before we put a house on the market, we like to be 100% certain it’s in tip-top shape. This involves decluttering, removing any odours, and ultimately ensuring your house looks as great as it can. Once we’ve gotten your house in perfect condition (and the $ell With $ue Team has individuals who can expedite the whole process) we send in our professional photographer to capture high-quality images of the property. This is an essential step in the selling process, as amazing photos are truly necessary to create visually enticing virtual tours and social media posts that will entice buyers. 

Begin The Digital Marketing Campaign

Any modern seller should know that online marketing is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your property and ultimately sell your home. Yes, traditional methods like open houses (more on that in a second) do work, but nothing compare to the massive reach one can gain through a proper digital marketing campaign. While every online strategy is a bit different depending on the house itself, some definite methods include emailing the relevant information to nearby brokers, creating a unique blog post for the property, and sharing images across various social media channels. 

The Final Touches

While we’ve already spent a fair bit of time making sure the house looks good, this is the time where we really make sure every single thing is perfect before we put the house on the market. The $ell With $ue Team employs professional home stagers, movers, and cleaners to get this all done hassle-free, guaranteeing your home will look better than ever. We’ll even organize a storage unit if your house is in some serious need of decluttering. 

Go To Market

Here it is, the moment you’ve been patiently waiting for, your house is officially on the market! Everyone can now see your house is for sale, both locally (that "Coming Soon" sign now says "For Sale") and on a worldwide scale through online databases. A lock box will need to be placed on your front door and the Team will then discuss with you times for showings and when they’ll occur, exactly. You will also need to ensure the house is kept in prime condition as people come in and our for showings. 

By-Invitation Only Open House

Don’t assume this your standard open house, a traditional selling strategy used by numerous Realtors. No, no, this is a unique method employed by the $ell With $ue Team that eliminates the issue of having viewers present who won’t ACTUALLY want to buy your home. By market-targeting the invitees of the open house, we create a list of viewers who can actually afford the house based on their salary and the market price, a great way of assembling prospective buyers. 

Follow-Ups With Interested Parties

After the digital marketing campaign and by-invitation open house, there will definitely be more than a few buyers and agents who have expressed some interest in the property. Rather then let them come to us, we reach out to all the real estate agents we’ve encountered and anyone who has come through the house. Ultimately we’re trying to figure out who is passively interested in the house and who may make a real offer, with our focus then turned to the latter group, of course. 

Receiving An Offer And Negotiations 

Never is it the $ell With $ue Team’s goal just to receive one offer, we want to have options. And if we did our job right, you will likely see more than a few outstanding offers on the table for your home. From there, we’ll do everything in our power to get the most for you, the seller, negotiations to receive the best terms and conditions on the offer itself. Something very important we always remember is that, when it comes to offers, it isn’t always about the price. For example, eliminating the issue of “double-moves” (which occur with non-coinciding moving dates) is one feature that can make the difference between a good or great offer. 

The Final Stages

Deciding upon an offer doesn’t mean you’re over and done with the selling process, there is still some legal processes and paperwork to get through. No need to worry, though, because the $ell With $ue Team has a lawyer on-board that will look over the final terms and conditions of the offer and send it over to the buyer’s lawyer. All you need to do is pack!

Move On Out!

From start to finish, the $ell With $ue Team will do everything to sell your home for top dollar!
Why settle for less? Call the best!