Sue Massa: Team Leader

The $ell With $ue Team's leader (as the name pains pretty clearly), proud mother of four, and a Toronto-based real estate agent  for over 35 years, Sue Massa is not your run of the mill Raaltor. Willing to go above and beyond for any client, Sue has helped numerous clients buy and sell their home across the GTA. But you can read all about Sue's unique story and experiences in her About Me page, so lets go on and learn about the spectacular professionals Sue has recruited to be a part of her team devoted to real estate excellence.

Teresa Scalia: Real Estate Representative

Working directly alongside Sue for the last twenty years, Teresa Scalia is a founding member of the $ell With $ue Team and has a wealth of customer service and success behind her name. Dedicated to client satisfaction, Teresa’s warm approach to real estate is beautifully balanced by her bold initiative and keen ability to understand the needs of both sellers and buyers. Needless to say, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling a home in Toronto, because you’re in good hands when you’re working with Teresa. 

Rachele D’Alimonte: Administrator, Professional Home Stager

Staging a home is an art form, so not just anyone can stage a home that will undoubtedly sell with success. That’s where Rachel D’Alimonte comes in, the dedicated home stager of the $ell With $ue Team. A gifted administator, Rachele’s true gifts come out when working with clients to help them make their house look the best it can, an integral step to our team’s selling process. Equipped with the real estate knowledge and intuitive creativity to stage just about any home, Rachele’s talents are only exceeded by her desire to see each and every client happy. 

John D’Alimonte: Legal Consultant

A Realtor-turned-lawyer, John D’Alimonte is an expert in the truest sense when it comes to real estate law. Fully understanding the ins and outs of the legal side to the real estate industry, having learned it all while on the job as a real estate agent and in numerous legal textbooks while at law school, John will be able to answer any legal question that a client may have during the home selling/buying process. And trust us, plenty of questions do come up that a standard Realtor wouldn’t be able to answer, so thank goodness we always have John as our legal eagle!

Ramsay Mery: Financial Advisor

All too often do we have clients come to us hoping to buy or sell their house, only to learn they have yet to speak to a financial advisor. In truth, most of the time clients don’t even think to consult one! Good thing we have Ramsay Mery on the team, then, as he is always available to lead our clients to financial success. Always putting the clients needs first, Ramsay uses his expert insight into the realm of commerce to help create a unique and strategic plan that fits the needs of every individual client, no matter their salary. 

Home Cleaning & De-Cluttering Team

Making sure a home is completely clean and clutter-free is a far more difficult task than you might first think. In fact, most of our clients think they’ve done a stellar job tidying their home, only for us to find out that there’s tons more work to do. But that’s what the home cleaning and de-cluttering team is here for, to make your home look pristine when you don’t have the time and energy. In a single afternoon the team can turn a home from a mess into an unrecognizable example of cleanliness and order, an essential way for buyers to see the true beauty of your home when selling. 

The $ell With $ue Team Movers

From the beginning to the end of the home buying or selling process, the $ell With $ue Team is here to help, even after the closing date has passed. The $ell With $ue Team Movers are proof of this fact, as they are always on hand to help you move out of your old home and into your new one. Proven to be efficient, respectful, and fairly priced, our movers will make moving a breeze!

No matter what you may need when buying or selling your home, the $ell With $ue Team is here to help!