Working in the Toronto real estate market for over 35 years has given Sue many oppurunities for sucess, and she's seized every single one. But as Sue always notes, her success means success for her clients, which is why the numerous awards and distinctions Sue has recieved over the years are really just testaments to her high level of client satisfaction. So to every single client who has moved in or out of a house in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Vaughan, Missisauga, or any of the areas in the GTA Sue works from, Sue wants to say thank you for helping her recieve all of these amazing awards!

  • Top 5 Salesperson Award, 1996 -  Coldwell Banker Maximum Realty

  • International President's Elite Status, 1996 - Coldwell Banker Maximum Realty

  • Top Sales Asssociate, 1997 - Coldwell Banker Maximum Realty

  • Top 10 Canadian Sales Representative, 1997 - Coldwell Banker Maximum Realty

  • Canadian President's Elite Status, 1998 -  Coldwell Banker Maximum Realty

  • Top Sales Representative, 2000 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • Top 3% In Toronto Region Sales Commission, 2000 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • Top 3% In Toronto Region Sales Commission, 2001 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • Platinum Club Member Certificate of Merit, 2002 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • President's Club Certificate of Merit, 2004 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • Top 3% In Toronto Region Sales Commission, 2004 - Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc.

  • Civic Service Award, June 2008 - Toronto Real Estate Board

The following is an excerpt from Profiles of Success Magazine, a publication devoted to featuring groundbreaking entrepeneurs across York Region. Sue Massa and the $ell With $ue team were featured for their continued success as real estate professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, most notably for their high level of client satisfaction for both Buyers and Sellers. Check out the write-up below and head here for the original. 

In life, it is rare to encounter a person who can motivate, inspire, and achieve results like Sue Massa. A strong, determined individual, she projects a sense of happiness and inner peace that one can’t help but be enveloped in the positive energy she exudes and sintered by the success she has achieved. Sue has persevered despite many obstacles, and has not only survived but has blossomed into an incredibly successful woman who loves life and is determined to live up to her full potential. 

With more than 25 years of experience, Sue is a skilled and knowledgeable Realtor who awes her clients with first-rate service and helped them maximize (or as Sue’s slogan says, “Massamize”) results. She conducts her business with honesty and integrity. Her positive, straightforward approach brings peace of mind to clients, each of whom are assured that their interests come first. When a client wants to sell their home, many agents simply sign a contract with the client, put up a For Sale sign, and see what happens. Sue, however, believes strongly in the value of preparing a home for sale and has developed a brilliant team to help her do just that. 

In fact, she thoroughly analyzes each home and gets the home in top shape before it is even listed. Sue has a garage full of accessories for her clients’ homes, so that they show in the best possible light. “We help you ‘Massamize’ your potential. Essentially, we critique the home from top to bottom, to achieve the highest selling price,” Sue explains. “Sometimes it takes two to three weeks, but during that time, we get all the marketing ready. It’s a preventative measure. There’s no point 30 days or 60 days into the listing to tell the client they need to paint or clean.”

Sue also develops a strong marketing plan for her clients, and uses the latest technology, such as Videowebmercials, virtual tours, professional photographers, professional stagers, and cleaners to get the home in top shape in order to obtain top dollar for her clients. Sue also utilizes the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), internet advertising, as well as her own website loaded with listings, property information, and any information a seller or buyer requires. Sue also hosts “by invitation-only” open houses to the neighbourhood to get maximum exposure for every home. This helps her qualify clients prior to the open house to attract true buyers, and by not allowing just anyone into a home, clients don’t waste time with “Professional Lookers.”

When listing a property, Sue uses her own experiences to put herself in her clients’ shoes. As a mother of four children, Sue has a remarkable ability to understand the effects that moving can have on children, and she believes in getting the whole family involved. “I went through the process. Children have so many different things to worry about. We go through the whole process with them. That way, everybody gets involved.” She gives the children a list of chores and goals to accomplish, and rewards them for their hard work. “After we all achieve the goal of selling the home, we all get to celebrate.”

A little advance preparation in the beginning certainly pays off. Sue and her Team understand that the equity of homes is the largest investment most clients make in their lives - then why not help them get the greatest return on their investment? Every home is assessed, and if required, this special Team will send in a painter, general handyman for necessary improvements, cleaners, bring in paintings, flowers and plants, remove or add furniture - whatever it takes to get top dollar. Sue’s Team consistently sells at, above, or close to listing price, and in fact, her average listing sells at 98.5% of listing price, a remarkable record and is one reason that Sue was recognized as the number one agent in Canada for buyer-controlled sales. She has earned many awards, such as the Top 10 in Canada for five years, the Top 3% in Toronto, plus many other distinctions. 

Sue works equally hard for this buying a home. Buyers receive a detailed questionnaire so she can match the buyer with the perfect home. Unlike many Realtors, she considers clients’ personal needs when showing properties, such as allergies and pets. “If somebody is allergic to peanuts or smoke, we try to avoid those properties. We talk about convenience, double moves, timing, mortgage discharge fees, legal pitfalls and issues related to an agreement of purchase and sale, children’s needs, Senior’s needs, schools, parks, churches, but most importantly: not getting lost in the shuffle. We try to accommodate the buyer with all their specific needs.” Sue also ensures that her clients’ legal rights are protected at all times. “When we work for a buyer, we make sure their legal rights are protected,” Sue explains. “After we remove conditions in agreements, we like to take photographs of the property.” This ensures that the home is left in the condition to which both parties have agreed and all chattels are intact on closing, giving clients peace of mind until closing. 

Sue’s Team, with their determination to go the extra mile, has helped them build a loyal client base, and they’re proud of the fact that most of their business is from repeat or referral customers. Clients rave about the high quality, honesty, and integrity with which this team conducts their real estate transactions. “The professionalism that Sue demonstrated in our dealings sets a new standard for the real estate industry,” raves one client. “All Realtors should conduct themselves in the same professional manner. She’s an honest, gutsy lady.” Another clients raves about Sue’s selfless service. “Sue has always put our beset interest and best financial position ahead of her earnings. Thank for being the best.” From another client, who highly recommends Sue to others: “I am confident and proud to recommend Sue Massa to all of my friends and family. I place all my real estate needs to someone I can trust.”

Sue says her ability to put herself in her clients’ shoes is pivotal to her success. “With every client I deal with, I always put myself in their shoes, and when I represent them as a purchaser, I think ‘is this something I would buy, is this something I would for for myself?’” Sue adds that her honesty and integrity has contributed to her success. “I wouldn’t compromise myself for any amount of money, and that’s come back ten-fold,” she says. “Clients know I”m honest, knowledgeable, and professional, and that’s why we’ve received a lot of repeat and referral business.”

Sue is also a strong believer in education, and continually keeps her skills sharp by taking courses. Once a year, she travels to the United States to take courses at the Master Sales Academy. “I’m a personal advocate of continuing education in any form, whether it’s tai chi or an academic course,” Sue says. “In my business, I’ve seen a lot of Realtors who have stagnated. If you don’t keep up with what’s going on, you don’t serve your clients in the manner they deserve. After all, they do pay the same fee, so why not hire The best?”

A powerful force behind Sue is her $ell With $ue Team, which consists of agents Teresa Scalia, a professional Realtor of over 20 years, Rachel D’Alimonte and John D’Alimonte licensed Realtors, an assistant who assist with administrative and promotional aspects of the business, professional video personnel, and professional photographers. “I have a team which means strength. Sometimes, as Realtors, we can get busy with work or family, we can be sick our out of town, a lot of things can happen in our lives, which means our clients suffer from our setbacks. We want to make sure we are doing the best for the client, so having a team is very, very important. Our client never miss out - our team gives them power and strength in all their real estate transactions!”

The $ell With $ue team helps her to maintain a balance in her life, which is important when Sue needs to recharge her batteries so she can give her clients 100 per cent. As a single mother of four children, Sue’s personal life is very busy, but she cherishes the time she spends with sons John and Michael and daughters Rachele and Mary. She involvers her children in her business, and they set goals as a family. “If they weren’t involved, it would make things more difficult,” Sue explains. One year, when Sue reached her goal, the family went to Disney World, another year to Hawaii, another in Europe. A few years ago, they fulfilled a huge dream of building a beautiful, custom designed, 4,000 square foot house on Lake Wilcox. As a woman once left without a roof over her head and four children to support, this milestone was embraced with great satisfaction. Today, her children are in university and great contributors to many fundraising activities and organizations. 

Sue’s home is beautiful reward for her hard work and surviving the hard times. It is a sweet metaphor for the success she has achieved in her life despite many obstacles. After her divorce, and surviving cervical cancer, Sue had to rebuild her life, both financially and personally - that she chose the high road and didn’t allow herself to be defeated is an inspiration. “The biggest goal for my family was that we wanted to build a home. We went from nothing to a 4,000 square foot custom-designed home,” Sue says proudly. When faced with hardship, Sue says, “You can sit back and feel sorry for yourself, or you can say ‘O.K., I have a problem, what am I going to do?’ I decided I will do what I aspire to do.”

With her ambitious nature and keen instincts, Sue has big plans for the future. She will continue to build her $ell With $ue Team, and provide her trademark service to her clientele. Sue also hopes to teach and mentor new agents. “To be a leader in real estate, you have to teach others how to do that, too,” Sue says. “Five years from now, I can see myself teaching, traveling, and doing more real estate. In ten years, I can see myself building homes for those less fortunate than myself - helping others build they dreams into reality,” Sue explains. Sue has big dreams, and no doubt, this survivor will achieve anything she desires. 

Sarah Juman-Yassin - Success Magazine